Chichibu labels

Vienna Distribution reveals its iconic Chichibu Intergalactic design.

15 Oktober, Wien – After such a long period of silence, the Dutch and Austrian importer have finally revealed its iconic label for its mutual Chichibu Single Malt Japanese whisky called the Intergalactic series.

Chichibu labels

Chichibu labels

Last year we heard the news that again Chichibu was willing to allocate 2 single casks to us, in our spirits distribution territories Holland and Austria. Since a few years we have started our Intergalactic series and it has been a huge international success ever since. With media coverage from Forbes till local magazines, it has been a crazy ride. During the masterclasses, which we organised during the launch, people have been standing outside looking through the glass just to catch a glimpse of this rare opportunity, not even mentioning the people flewing over from LA and Taiwan to be a part of this rare release.

To have a look behind the scenes we have decided this year to launch 2 Podcasts for people to understand what this project is all about, the craziness and popularity of Single Malt Japanese whisky in general. Easy to listen to with a few whisky superstars guests such as Yumi Yoshikawa (brand ambassador of Chichibu) and Marcin Miller (no introduction needed) This year we will also organize in both countries a masterclass for our customers. And in every sold bottle of the classic Chichibu malt and grain we have included a golden ticket which gives 2 extra people the right to attend this exclusive masterclass and dinner

Cask no. 4316 1st fill bourbon barrel 63,5%

Soft nougat chocolate and an extremely fruity nose, displaying Melon, “Tarte Tatin” and surprisingly no alcohol at all! Some coconut (like in a wafer) coming up, if you let it “breathe” a bit. On the palate the fruit is overwhelming in a tropical fruit punch-way: Papaya and juicy Cavaillon melon are even stronger than the alcoholic tickle of this cask strength whisky. Some red peppercorns in the final taste. With water added, the fruit almost explodes and offers another variety: peach

Cask no. 5486 1st fill bourbon barrel 63,5%

Soft leather and an enormous fruity power: Juicy melon, peach galore! But also nice savoury and salty notes make you think of pretzels and salted caramel-toffee. Perhaps the most complex of the five drams, offering some smoke, berries and almonds (in a “Speculoos”). Tart impression of lime zest and tea, which enhances with a splash of water.



Intergalactic label design

The label has always been a thing with our Intergalactic series, either you love it or hate it, says van Vliet.

We work every year with a selected artwork designer. The first year it was a local Dutch artist who came up with the robot theme, the 2nd year we found an anime designer using a lot of vibrant colours and this year we have teamed up with artwork superstar Mr. Kalopsia. We are first of all thrilled that Mr. Kalopsia said yes to our request. He is well known for its astronautic and spacious designs; this fits absolutely perfect within our Intergalactic theme.

With the design of edition no.5, Mr. Kalopsia took the spaceman representing the state of mind a customer is in when buying a bottle of Chichibu, the customer should relate himself to the astronaut and should get lost looking at the design and enjoy the vibe as if they were to travel across the universe.

The idea behind edition no.6 is that the spaceman represents the state of mind of a customer of Chichibu Whisky, who travels across the universe inside their minds but at the comfort of their shelters. The bright light shining inside the shelter also represents the enlightenment of the conscious self while discovering the deepness of universe inside the mind.  We hope that these super rare Intergalactic bottles will contribute to the brand awareness of Chichibu in general and that people will simply enjoy them.

A jury of independent whisky experts in both countries have selected both casks, special thanks to Roland Graf, Bernhard Rems, Erhard Ruthner, Noortje Baselmans Thijs Klaverstijn and Ronald Zwartepoorte.

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